My Timesheets:

The individual timesheet for each team member is a table that displays the time spent on the activities of each project. A team member can easily fill in the boxes with the number of hours spent on a particular activity on a given day. This can then be shared with the Project Manager by simply clicking on "Submit" and the Project Manager can see the hours worked by each team member in the timesheets. If needed, the project Manager or team member can also start a discussion regarding time spent or time remaining.

Timesheet of a project:

The timesheet for a project is a table in which the Project Manager can see the individual timesheets for each member of the team, with their completed hours and hours remaining for each project activity. Once a team member has validated his hours, the Project Manager can integrate this information into the project schedule, which will then automatically recalculate the remaining allocated hours. The Project Manager can also start a discussion with a team member about delays or any other issues. And importantly, this gives the Project Manager a better idea of the  remaining time needed to complete an activity. The next time someone has to complete a similar activity, the Project Manager will be better able to estimate how many hours are needed.  The process of timesheet tracking allows for better visibility of the costs of resources and thus better management of the budget.

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