Open a Planzone 6 from Planzone 5

After 2 years of development, Planzone 6 has been launched from more than a year now.

You had a transition period of one year to migrate all your existing projects to the new Planzone 6. Now, it's time! :)

From the March, 1st 2017, Planzone 5 won't be supported any longer. You have until the 28 of February to create your Planzone 6 and migrate the projects you want.

Please follow the instructions below to start the process.

Warning: only the owner of a Planzone can take this action. 

1. Creating your new Planzone

For now, please do not use Internet Explorer 11 to create and work on your new Planzone.

Go to "Planzone Administration" in the top right hand menu. In the « Settings » tab click on Create my new Planzone 6.
Please note that this new Planzone will have the same number of projects and users as your existing license, with access to all features.

Enter the name and URL of the new Planzone and your new version has been created. You can now create new projects and invite users.
Please note : if you want to invite existing Planzone users, be sure to use the same email.

2. Migrating your projects to Planzone 6

On Planzone 5, go to the Overview of the Project you want to migrate and click on Migrate my Project to Planzone 6. The migration will be done within one week. You will receive an email the day before. The Project in Planzone 5 will be closed and your data will be kept.


This new version of Planzone is included for free in your current license. Invoicing will continue from your existing Planzone 5 until you have migrated all your Projects.

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