Roles and Permissions in each Planzone

A role in Planzone is associated with certain access rights that apply to that Planzone. Every Planzone member must be assigned a role.

The following roles are available: (listed in growing responsibility) :

  • « Collaborator »,
  • « Sub-Administrator»,
  • « Administrator» and
  • « Owner» of a Planzone.

These access rights include:

  • The administration of Planzone
  • The administration of resources
  • The management of projects and templates
  • The page « My Work »
  • The Multi-project page
  • Events

The Owner of a Planzone is the user who creates a Planzone (via the registration form available on the site). He/she is the only person responsible for managing the Planzone subscription formula. The Planzone Owner is by default, the Administrator of this Planzone. However it may be useful, particularly in large companies, to have more than one Administrator so there exists the option to assign Administration rights to any other Planzone member.

A Planzone Administrator is a user who has all the existing permissions and access rights in Planzone. He/she can create projects and also has rights as Manager of a Project  on any project created in his Planzone.

A Collaborator is a user who joined Planzone by accepting an invite from another Planzone member. He/she can be a team member on various projects, and can have varied permissions/access rights on each project:

  • Project Manager
  • Collaborator
  • Visitor
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